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Fee Based Wealth Management & Tax Advice

"We do not sell or recommend commission paying products."

The majority of financial advisers in Europe are remunerated by commissions and commission paying products. This commission is recouped from high charges that you, the investor pays. We charge our clients fees which in turn means that you get low cost investment accounts and lower investment management fees, resulting in better capital returns for you. This applies to all types of investments, including pension transfers to international pensions such as QROPs.

Commission Agent versus Fee Adviser

£250,000 INVESTMENT AT ASSUMED YEARLY RETURN OF 6% OVER 10 YEARS. Fee Advice Offers Transparent Charges, Lower Investment Management Fees, And Higher Returns


Our Minimum Investment is £25,000 or €30,000

into our Managed Investment Account Service

Financial Services & Taxation

Investments, Pensions and Taxation

Portfolio Management & Discretionary Investment

We offer our clients portfolio management & discretionary investment services managed by successful fund managers. Our investment service covers investment bonds, offshore tax free investments, and general investment accounts.

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Pensions, Pension Transfer Advice & Retirement

Retiring to Portugal - QROPs Benefits, Pension Transfer, and Retirement advice. For many, their pension is an important asset for their retirement. With the new pension freedoms, retirement options have become more complex.

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Non Habitual Resident & Expat Tax Services

Expatriate taxation is complicated. We consider UK expat tax rules and taxes in Portugal for the Non Habitual Resident (NHR). We will advise you on all your tax matters and affairs (including UK Inheritance Tax), and we will also provide tax advice for expats returning to the UK.

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UK Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Estate planning remains essential. Many believe that moving to Portugal will exempt them from UK Inheritance tax, as Portugal abolished their tax in 2004. However, being UK domiciled will continue to expose your estate to the onerous IHT tax rates.

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Specialist Services

Managed Investment Account - Cash Flow Planning - Money Management - Investment Fees Analysis

Managed Investment Account

The Managed Investment Account is a personalised bespoke investment account for investors seeking flexibility and liquidity. The account is the most flexible investment in Portugal, using the well respected investment companies to manage your investments, with the lowest investment management fees.

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Cash Flow Planning & Financial Management Plan

Cash flow planning is an analysis of your financial data for assessment taking into account lifetime events. From the analysis, you will get an easy to understand financial management plan to retirement and thereafter. The most accurate and essential expat financial planning report.

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Invest Clever Client Service

We consider that the most important element is the investment management of your money. We review your investment portfolio on a monthly basis. Other financial firms will review investment funds every 6 or 12 months, thus identifying problems or value damage "too late in the day".

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Investment Charges Assessment

Investors often have financial products with high charges, often more than 3% per annum. We analyse all investment management fees for pensions, investment bonds, QROPS and more. We then assess as to how these charges and fees impede your investment valuations in a detailed report.

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Cross Border Taxation

International Tax Services

UK Taxation

Having left the UK, you still have to interact with the HMRC. UK expat tax rules are complex so tax planning advice is essential. Some questions that will arise are how are pensions taxed for Income and Capital Gains Tax. We will address your tax and pension concerns. Additional advice is offered for expats returning to the UK.

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Portugal Taxation

Portugal has very beneficial tax regimes such as Non Habitual Resident (NHR) in Portugal, but also can offer other pension & investment tax advantages. You will need to be aware of the taxation in Portugal affecting your financial affairs, in addition to the expat tax benefits and any wealth tax. There are many pension concerns when relocating, such as tax on pension income withdrawals.

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Portugal's Non Habitual Residency Regime

"Tax Exemption on Foreign Income"

Find out more about Portugal's Non Habitual Resident regime.



Yes. We offer true independent financial advice. We are not connected to any financial institution, financially or otherwise. In addition, our services are rendered on a fee basis, and thus, we do not rely upon commissions that are paid by investment companies. Therefore, we are not dependent upon these companies, as other financial advisers are.
All other European financial advisers get their remuneration from commissions paid to them by the investment companies. This commission is derived from the charges levied on your invested capital. These charges can be extremely high, often as much as 4% per annum and sometimes more. These high charges will impede your capital return. Furthermore, an investor may also suffer redemption penalties as high as 10% of their capital value if they want to access their capital in the short term.

We prefer to charge fees, so that our clients get the most economical charges with the investment companies, attain optimum investment returns, and at the same time avoiding exit redemption penalties on their capital.
We only recommend financial institutions that operate with segregated client accounts and where client assets are "divorced" from the assets and liabilities of the financial institution. Therefore, in the unlikely event that one of our recommended financial institutions were to enter into insolvency, your capital is protected.

We adopt further caution as to where these financial institutions are based. For example, we do not recommend any financial institution operating from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, as insolvency laws in these countries dictate that client assets form part of the insolvency procedures. We therefore avoid institutions in these countries as we do not want our clients to become part of the mass bankruptcy proceedings of any financial group.
Private Fund Management is an authorised representative of Abana Lda. Abana Lda is authorised and regulated by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority in Portugal (“ASF”) with registration number 412378472 and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) number 597069.

For the British expatriate, financial planning will involve financial aspects in both the UK and Portugal. Therefore, a firm regulated to provide financial and taxation advice and management advice in these two countries can be the optimal situation for UK expatriates. We are one of few advisory firms that possess such regulation and one of very few firms that are regulated in the country that we operate in.
We recommend many. With all, we conduct and continue to conduct our due diligence on each to ensure that these financial institutions are financially viable. Some of the financial institutions that we recommend have been in business a long time, one such UK company being established in 1742 - 276 years ago. 

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