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Private Fund Management is an independent financial advisory firm, not connected to any third party financial institution. We are not an international or pan European company, but instead a local family orientated office, with approachable friendly members of staff. We are dedicated to rigorous and unbiased research with a relentless focus on excellent client service.

We offer independent financial advice, and specialise in Wealth Management, Investments, Pensions, Overseas Pension Transfers,  QROPS, and Taxation. We are based in the Algarve, Portugal.

We are directly authorised and regulated in Portugal by the ASF, and in the UK by the FCA. Since financial planning often involves both the UK and Portugal, a firm regulated to provide wealth management advice in these two countries can be the optimal situation for British National expatriates.

We value transparency and clarity, together with an ethos of integrity, confidentiality, and security. We take pride in offering "bespoke" financial structures and arrangements, together with a tax mitigation services, for Spain and Portugal.

We DO NOT operate sales teams or employ "commission driven" advisers, as our staff are salaried. We rarely recommend commission paying products as our services are rendered on a fee basis. 

Financial & Taxation Services

Investment Advice

The structure of your investments can make a real difference to the way you are taxed in Spain or Portugal. We offer "bespoke" portfolios designed to deliver appropriate risk-adjusted returns, managed by long established UK financial institutions.

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Tax Assistance

Assistance with Income tax, dividend incomes, capital gains taxes for the UK, Portugal and Spain. Tax is a highly complex area, especially when two tax authorities are involved. Careful planning is vital in ensuring your finances are working for you.

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Pensions & Retirement

Retirement options and choices are numerous. We guide you through every option in this complex area. We offer an individually tailored service which means your pension assets will adapt as your pension needs evolve.

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax laws in Spain or Portugal are very much different to the Inheritance laws and rules in the UK. Ensuring your estate is inherited by your chosen next of kin is essential, but also, passing on your estate in a tax-efficient way.

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Unique Services

Managed Investment Account Service

A personalised investment account for the investor seeking liquidity and flexibility. No initial fees, no exit or redemption penalties, and no minimum investment term.

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Cash Flow Planning & Analysis

We analyse your capital savings and and investments together with any retirement pension funds. With these factors, we assess future capital expenditure and income objectives.

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Investment/Pension Cost Assessment

Clients are either not informed or do not appreciate the way in which investment products are put together. Consequently, they are unaware of the fees and charges.

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Invest Clever

A monthly review and valuation service delivered monthly, not every 6 or 12 months as is the norm with many financial firms. Invest Clever identifies weaknesses and we act accordingly.

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Yes. We offer true independent financial advice. We are not connected to any financial institution, financially or otherwise. In addition, our services are rendered on a fee basis, and thus, we do not rely upon commissions that are paid by investment companies. Therefore, we are not dependent upon these companies, as other financial advisers are.
We only recommend financial institutions that operate with segregated client accounts and where client assets are "divorced" from the assets and liabilities of the financial institution. Therefore, in the unlikely event that one of our recommended financial institutions were to enter into insolvency, your capital is protected.

We adopt further caution as to where these financial institutions are based. For example, we do not recommend any financial institution operating from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, as insolvency laws in these countries dictate that client assets form part of the insolvency procedures. We therefore avoid institutions in these countries as we do not want our clients to become part of the mass bankruptcy proceedings of any financial group.
We are regulated in Portugal by the ASF and in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For the British expatriate, financial planning will involve financial aspects in both the UK and Portugal. Therefore, a firm regulated to provide financial and taxation advice and management advice in these two countries can be the optimal situation for UK expatriates.

We are one of few advisory firms that possess such regulation and one of very few firms that are regulated in the country that we operate in.
We recommend many. With all, we conduct and continue to conduct our due diligence on each to ensure that these financial institutions are financially viable. Some of the financial institutions that we recommend have been in business a long time, one such UK company being established in 1742, 276 years ago. 



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  • Weekdays: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Private Fund Management is an authorised representative of Abana Lda, authorised and regulated by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority in Portugal (“ASF”) with registration number 412378472 and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) number 597069. Private Fund Management is the trading style of Graceful Numbers Europe Limited, incorporated in the UK and is registered with Companies House, company number 11024888. Our address is 11 Axis Court, Mallard Way, Swansea, SA7 0AJ, UK.