Financial Services & Taxation

Investments, Pensions and Taxation

Portfolio Management & Discretionary Investment

We offer our clients portfolio management & discretionary investment services managed by successful fund managers. Our investment service covers investment bonds, offshore tax free investments, and general investment accounts.

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Pensions, Pension Transfer Advice & Retirement

Retiring to Portugal - QROPs Benefits, Pension Transfer, and Retirement advice. For many, their pension is an important asset for their retirement. With the new pension freedoms, retirement options have become more complex.

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Non Habitual Resident & Expat Tax Services

Expatriate taxation is complicated. We consider UK expat tax rules and taxes in Portugal for the Non Habitual Resident (NHR). We will advise you on all your tax matters and affairs (including UK Inheritance Tax), and we will also provide tax advice for expats returning to the UK.

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UK Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Estate planning remains essential. Many believe that moving to Portugal will exempt them from UK Inheritance tax, as Portugal abolished their tax in 2004. However, being UK domiciled will continue to expose your estate to the onerous IHT tax rates.

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