Yes. We offer true independent financial products and solutions. We are not connected to any financial institution, financially or otherwise. In addition, our services are rendered on a fee basis, and thus, we do not rely upon commissions that are paid by investment companies. Therefore, we are not dependent upon these companies, as other financial advisers are.
All other European financial advisers get their remuneration from commissions paid to them by the investment companies. This commission is derived from the charges levied on your invested capital. These charges can be extremely high, often as much as 3% per annum and sometimes more. These high charges will impede your capital return. Furthermore, an investor may also suffer redemption penalties as high as 10% of their capital value if they want to access their capital in the short term.

We prefer to charge fees for our financial services rendered, so that our clients get the most economical charges with the investment companies, attain optimum investment returns, and at the same time avoiding exit redemption penalties on their capital.
We only recommend financial institutions that operate with segregated client accounts and where client assets are "divorced" from the assets and liabilities of the financial institution. Therefore, in the unlikely event that one of our recommended financial institutions were to enter into insolvency, your capital is protected.

We adopt further caution as to where these financial institutions are based. For example, we do not recommend any financial institution operating from countries such as Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, as insolvency laws in these countries dictate that client assets form part of the insolvency procedures. We therefore avoid institutions in these countries as we do not want our clients to become part of the mass bankruptcy proceedings of any financial group.
Private Fund Management is a representative of Adviser Platform Lda. Adviser Platform, Lda (APL) is regulated in Portugal by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF) Licence No. 607124296, and in the UK, subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority with registration No 825539 under TPR rules.

For the British expatriate, financial planning will involve financial aspects in both the UK and Portugal. Therefore, a firm regulated to provide financial and taxation advice and management advice in these two countries can be the optimal situation for UK expatriates. We are one of few advisory firms that possess such regulation and one of very few firms that are regulated in the country that we operate in.
We recommend many. With all, we conduct and continue to conduct our due diligence on each to ensure that these financial institutions are financially viable. Some of the financial institutions that we recommend have been in business a long time, one such UK company being established in 1742 - 276 years ago. 
We DO NOT handle your capital or money. All transactions when investments and pensions are facilitated are conduct directly to the third party financial institution.