Non Habitual Resident & Expat Tax Services

Non Habitual Resident & Expat Tax Services

Careful planning of your tax arrangements is vital to ensure your finances are working for you in the most efficient way, to ensure that you are not overly paying too much tax.

Liability to UK taxation with the HMRC can remain for many due to UK expat tax rules. Consequently, it is paramount that tax advice is sought to ensure that the correct tax is paid to the correct tax authority.

Furthermore, UK expat tax rules are complicated, and taxes in Portugal even more so. However, Portugal does offer certain tax advantageous regimes, such as being a Non Habitual Resident.

We can assist with your tax affairs and enrol you to be a Non Habitual Resident in Portugal. We will consider Income Tax, Dividends, and Capital Gains Taxes (for UK Inheritance Tax in detail, please refer to our UK Inheritance Tax section). Furthermore, we will also offer tax advice for expats returning to the UK.

As part of this assessment, we will take into account your actual country of residency, your domicile and other aspects affecting your taxation, including reference to the Double Tax Treaty.

In addition to the above, it is essential that your financial affairs are structured to comply with the relevant tax regime. We will consider investment arrangements which are tax efficient, and legal "tax shelters" to protect you from unnecessary taxation.