Pensions, Pension Transfer Advice & Retirement

Pensions, Pension Transfer Advice & Retirement

With pension complexity and variety, we guide you through the process when retiring to Portugal. 

For many, their pension income is an important asset. We assist expats retiring to Portugal and offer pension transfer advice where relevant. In addition to a pension fund transfer, consideration is given to Brexit and pensions, your pension in Portugal, any frozen pension plan that you may have, including advice on QROPS & QNUPs and other international pensions where appropriate.

We assess the most appropriate and tax effective solutions and pension withdrawal options.

With the introduction of UK pension freedoms, retirement options have become more complex due to the numerous options available for accessing pension fund capital. Such decision making is one of the most important financial decisions one will make in their lifetime.

Some expats may have a frozen pension plan, or do not know where their pension is. With both, we can assist and unlock your pension or locate your pension in the UK.

We will assess the type of pension arrangement that you have, and assess all of the retirement benefit options available. We will offer pension transfer advice if relevant, and consider whether a pension fund transfer is advantageous to an overseas pensions arrangement such as a QROP.  

QROPs can be an efficient method and tax advantageous way to access benefits. QROPs benefits are many. However, a QROPs structure may not always be the correct choice. Nevertheless, we will consider all alternatives and options.

In addition, one should be alert to a large number of fraudulent advisers offering unregulated pension schemes. Always check the HMRC QROPs list to ensure that your QROP scheme is a listed pension arrangement regulated and governed by the HMRC.

Our pension and retirement advice and recommendations are personalised to your financial affairs. We will research the whole of market as independent financial advisers and offer you the most suitable course of action for your individual circumstances and objectives. 

We also take into account the subject of Brexit and pensions. In addition, we will assess the tax consequences of your chosen pension withdrawal option, and recommend any mitigating actions to minimise any taxation.