Who we help?

We assist an array of people of all nationalities and varying backgrounds. We realise that no one individual is the same, and it is for this reason our ongoing financial advice, recommendations, and strategies are bespoke and personalised.

We assist individuals and families that are:
          - professionals or consultants working overseas,
          - Expatriate workers relocating back to Europe,
          - Exapatriate business owners,
          - Retired or retiring couples,
          - Expatriating persons (premovers),
          - Repatriating persons returning to the UK or Ireland.

Our advice and services are extensive, covering Non Habitual Residency (NHR) in Portugal to restructuring financial affairs to be tax compliant. We ensure that your financial investments and pensions are as tax efficient as possible.

In summary, we cover taxation, estate planning, investments planning and management, pension solutions, retirement planning, and more.