Investment Advice

Investment Advice

Many expats are unaware that being resident in Portugal or Spain can offer more tax efficient investment opportunities. In addition, holding tax free investment such as ISAs can be disadvantageous, as these are taxable (in Portugal at 28%), irrespective of whether they are tax free in the UK.

We understand that everyone is individual especially when it comes to their financial affairs. Your financial objectives, time horizon, and risk appetite are just a few aspects. For this reason, we offer a tailored made investment service, underpinned by a well-researched investment process, designed to deliver appropriate risk-adjusted returns.

Your risk appetite and capacity to capital loss are assessed to develop an investment strategy that suits your personal situation and objectives. After which, we jointly assess the appropriate allocation of investment assets to create a well-diversified portfolio, managed by one of our entrusted British investment management companies (some established for over 200 years). 

Your portfolio can be managed on an advisory or discretionary basis of investment, dependent upon the extent of input that you require.

We understand that your circumstances change and that your investment objectives can evolve. We always take the time to listen to your requirements and regularly review your portfolio to ensure it is still meeting your individual needs and attaining the performance returns that you desire.