Clear Quest

Legitimately Reduce Taxation
Clear Quest is especially designed for the expatriate community in Portugal and is exclusive to Private Fund Management. Often, many expatriates believe that their investments will receive the same tax treatment in the country of origin, for example, UK ISAs being tax exempt in the UK, whereas in Portugal, these ISA accounts are taxable. Clear Quest offers the solution.

Clear Quest is a tax mitigation scheme with the aim to legitimately reduce tax liabilities levied upon income, investment interest and dividends earned from invested capital or investment products. With tax rates at 28% levied upon interest earned and dividends paid, recipients of such incomes in Portugal can reduce the tax rate ordinarily charge.

In summary, Clear Quest is a compliant investment scheme using the current Portuguese tax regime in order to mitigate tax liabilities.

In many cases, expatriates pay taxes at a rate of 28% on their investment incomes or dividends, or elect to have such income taxed at the progressive marginal rates of tax, currently 14.5% to 48%. By using an alternative category of tax assessment with the Portuguese tax regime, such rates of tax normally applied can be substantially reduced.
​​Large tax reductions can be attained, often mitigating by as much as 90% on the normal tax paid at 28%.  

In addition to the above tax rates, Clear Quest will also mitigate the Solidarity tax which ranges between 2.5% and 5.0%.

Dependent upon your financial circumstances, Clear Quest can reduce your tax rate to as little as 3% on your investment income received.
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