Why Private Fund Management

Unlike many financial firms, we do not make the investment decisions for your portfolio, as we believe that this is best entrusted to the investment managers and experts. It is common for financial firms to mistakenly construct a portfolio that is not aligned with a client's risk profile. At Private Fund Management, we entrust this service to our investment partners who possess this expertise.

Each client is assessed on a personal basis, and the appropriate portfolio model is agreed. This ensures that our clients attain the correct asset allocation and performance for their money, whether it is a pension, private capital or Trust.

Furthermore, our clients have direct access to their individual investment management team, by email and phone. Our clients often have "face to face" meetings with their investment manager, the actual manager to their capital, which is rare in today's modern age.

Finally, investment management charges are only levied on your "invested" capital. During uncertain market periods, your capital will be consolidated in a cash account for protection against market downturns, on which investment management fees are not charged.