Investment Portfolio Planning
There can be a number of options in this area, each with its own benefits. We assess each method of investment scheme to ensure that the investment arrangement best fits your financial circumstances, whether this is a General Investment Account or an Investment Portfolio. Ensuring you are reassured and confident about your investment arrangement is an essential part of our service. You can expect clear and timely communication, a customised investment portfolio, and bespoke investment planning advice, together with the appropriate tax advice befitting your personal circumstances.
Retirement Pension Services
Many of our clients find that their largest single asset is their pension. As to whether it is a self invested personal pension (SIPP), small self administered scheme (SSAS) or a small company scheme, we can help. We offer an individually tailored and flexible service that means we can look after your pension assets as your pension requirements evolve. This includes the capital appreciation of your pension fund, consolidation of your pension upon reaching retirement age,
and the withdrawal process of benefits during retirement. There are numerous choices and options available, both in the UK and overseas, and we can guide you through every option and advise accordingly in this complex process.
A Unique Investment Approach
Many other financial adviser companies only evaluate and monitor your investments on annual basis or whenever a "need" arises. This is a "reactive" investment management and an advisory policy with which we disagree.
At Private Fund Management, we monitor your investment portfolios daily and undertake to report to you each month. We call this asset monitoring approach our "Investclever" Client Service which is a proactive investment management scheme backed by sophisticated computer software and systems. This investment management philosophy can be enacted for your Trusts, UK Pensions, International Pensions, and your Investment Portfolios, whether onshore or offshore. We believe that our "proactive investment management" approach is financially advantageous, whereas the traditional "reactive" investment approach adopted by the majority of financial firms can be financially detrimental.
Proactive Investment Management
Often called Discretionary Fund Management, we are in an enviable position where our partners are the most respected investment management companies in the investment industry.
Our investment management partners are strategically based for tax compliance and mitigation.
They adopt a strategy to understand each client's specifics and construct a portfolio to reflect these requirements. Our investment management partners are able to respond to any changes in individual requirements, as well as changes in market conditions, in a timely and effective way.
Most importantly, you will have direct access to your investment manager – either over the telephone or face-to-face. Although an increasingly rare feature in the investment management industry, we truly believe this direct relationship ensures your portfolio will always reflect your individual circumstances.
 Private Fund Management is an authorised representative of Abana Lda. Abana Lda is authorised and regulated by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority in Portugal (“ASF”) with registration number 412378472 and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) number 597069.
Inheritance Tax Mitigation
Carefully planning the financial affairs of your estate is essential to ensure that you can pass on the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries.  We can provide "bespoke" advice on succession and Inheritance Tax issues together with a full estate planning service by establishing the appropriate structures, utilising Trusts and settlements for your beneficiaries during your lifetime. We will also advise you in connection with inheritance tax mitigation options ranging from outright gifts to setting up Trusts, and in some cases, have approved tax schemes where assets can be exempted after 2 years.
Preparation of a suitable and tax efficient Will is often the first step in an overall estate planning review. Wills are important not only to ensure that your assets will be passed on to your intended beneficiaries, but also for using opportunities to mitigate inheritance tax and provide, where appropriate, protection for young and vulnerable beneficiaries.
Taxation & Fiduciary
We have experience in multiple jurisdictions and therefore, we can help you understand complex situations inside or outside your home jurisdiction. We can help you navigate tax and compliance requirements, and assist in matters such as Non Habitual Residency in Portugal.
One of the challenges of wealth management is the high taxation it attracts in the UK and Europe. We are able to structure "legal" tax mitigation plans to ensure that you are optimising your wealth. This may include Trusts or Offshore Companies in recognised offshore jurisdictions compliant with both the UK and Portugal. There are many reasons why a fiscal structure may be suitable including, for tax-planning purposes, to protect assets, to provide privacy, or to ensure the smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries on death avoiding prolonged probate proceedings.